• Year 2019
  • Director Michael Winterbottom
  • Producers Melissa Parmenter, Damian Jones
  • Cast Steve Coogan, Isla Fisher, David Mitchell
  • Music Recorded at Snap Studios, London
  • Music Mixed at Air Lyndhurst Studios, London
  • Recording and Mix Engineer Tom Bailey
  • Music Editor Ben Pearson
  • Score Coordinator Catherine Manners
  • Double Bass, Bass Guitar Ali Friend
  • Drums and Percussion Rich Thair
  • Guitars Ben Pearson
  • Persian Santur, Keyboards and Vocals Harry Escott



  • Consistently entertaining and frequently hilarious. An effective portrait of a very specific and odious kind of person during a time of capitalism run rampant.

    Christpoher Hooton NME
  • Entertaining mockumentary from exhilaratingly prolific filmmaker Michael Winterbottom presenting a hideous carnival of obscene wealth, vanity and moral squalor.

    Peter Bradshaw The Guardian