I Am Slave

  • Year 2010
  • Director: Gabriel Range
  • Producers: Andrea Calderwood, Liza Marshall
  • Cast: Wunmi Mosaku, Lubna Azabal, Isaach De Bankolé
  • Music recorded at Samphire Studios, London and Tom-Tom studios, Budapest
  • Music mixed at Air Edel studios, London
  • Mix Engineer: Nick Wollage
  • Recording Engineers: Nick Wollage & Ian Wood
  • Conducted by Harry Escott
  • Music preparation: David Butterworth
  • Specialist Musicians
  • Lead vocal: Ragaia Ishag
  • Oud, percussion, rababa and voice: Nadir Ramzy
  • Percussion and voice: Osman Gerein
  • Additional voice: Amira Kheir
  • Nyatiti, Arab Arghoul: Dirk Campbell
  • Accordion: Chico Chagas

I Am Slave


  • A story centred around the rarely-discussed African slave trade that plagues Europe today. In his film I Am Slave, Gabriel Range manages to make a very real problem a fantastic story with depth. The gripping nature of the film creates a necessary dialogue about a problem many thought was over at the close of the 19th century; however we are shown that this past is still very much a problem of today.

    Elliot Penn Toronto Film Scene
  • Together Brock, Range and Mosaku created a film of jolting accuracy and real emotional clout. To convince audiences that something so appalling is taking place right under their noses seemed an impossible task, but it would be a cynical viewer indeed who wasn’t moved by I Am Slave.

    Josh Prince The Telegraph
  • Like “Death of a President,” the film is technically very impressive, with the handheld widescreen lensing by Robbie Ryan, the work of production designer Christina Casali and the score by Harry Escott and Molly Nyman all neatly contrasting scorching-hot Sudan (actually shot in Kenya) and dark, wintertime London.

    Boyd van Hoeij Variety





    BAFTA TV Awards; Best Single Drama, Andrea Calderwood, Gabriel Range, Jeremy Brock



    Banff Rockie Award for Best Made-for-TV Moivie Award UK, Andrea Calderwood, Gabriel Range, Jeremy Brock