The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe

  • Year 2022
  • Writer Chris Lang
  • Director Richard Laxton
  • Producers Alison Stirling, David Nath, Polly Hill
  • Cast Eddie Marsan, Monica Dolan
  • Score Coordinators Jenna Fentiman, Ed Marquis
  • Music Recorded at RAK studios, London
  • Music Mixed at Little King Street Music, London
  • Music recording and Mix Engineer Tom Bailey
  • Score Assistant Anna Stokes
  • Lead Violins Max Baillie and Rakhi Singh

The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe


  • A very British crime story, superbly told. There's nothing more intriguing than ordinary people doing extraordinary, or in this case, utterly witless, things. It invites the audience to ask questions of themselves, what they might do in different circumstances, and that leads you to empathy, morality, secrets, lies and all the good stuff. Britain currently leads the way in real-life crime dramas like this, and it should be celebrated .

    Benji Wilson The Telegraph
  • This will stay with you long after the episodes end as you ponder all the questions the nation still has. It's quirky, off-beat, hard-hitting and truly memorable. Tied in with a jaunty soundtrack and ITV has really pulled off a winner.

    Helen Daly Radio Times