The Wedding Guest, the latest offering from Michael Winterbottom, is to premiere at Toronto this year in the Special Presentations section of the festival.

Starring Dev Patel and Radhika Apte, The Wedding Guest begins with tantalizing intrigue. A mysterious figure (Patel) departs England for Pakistan. In one locale he rents a car, in another he purchases weapons. He soon arrives at his destination, where a young woman (Apte) is about to be wed.

Unfolding in trains, cars, restaurants, and hotels, in backroom black markets and backpacker beach resorts, The Wedding Guest is a perfect example of Winterbottom’s ceaseless curiosity. Nothing escapes his gaze.

This briskly paced thriller rarely stops to breathe, while Patel and Apte each work in their own way to reveal as little as possible while finding themselves helplessly drawn to each other.