Dark River to premiere at Toronto International Film Festival

  • 31.08.2017


Dark River, Clio Barnard’s third feature is going to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this year as part of their “Platform” programme.

“One of contemporary British cinema’s most distinctive filmmakers, Clio Barnard follows The Selfish Giant and The Arbor with this searing and eloquent Yorkshire set drama exploring the fragility of familial relationships.

Inspired by Rose Tremain’s novel Trespass, Dark River follows two siblings as they struggle to come to terms with their inheritance, following the death of their Father. Fiercely holding on to a promise made long-ago, independently-minded Alice (Ruth Wilson) returns home for the first time in 15 years to claim family farm. Her grieving brother Joe (Mark Stanley) has spent years looking after their father (Sean Bean) and has scarcely kept the property afloat. Estranged for so long they can barely communicate, Alice soon incurs her brother’s wrath when she claims legal tenancy. As tensions mount, troubling memories surface and the real reason for her prolonged absence is revealed.”    Clare Stewart – BFI

Dark River at TIFF2017

Harry’s Projects for 2017

  • 24.11.2016

Harry Escott 2016 PhotoThis has been a busy year for Harry and he is currently in the studio finishing three feature films which will release in 2017: Damascus Cover (dir Daniel Berk ), Journeyman (dir Paddy Considine) and Dark River (dir Clio Barnard).

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A Wintry Playlist for LittleBlackBook Online

  • 01.12.2015

“There is a permissiveness that starts to creep in at this time of year, corroding away at our better judgment. It reaches fever pitch a couple of weeks from now when…as with the Eurovision Song Contest or any James Bond film, we collectively experience a temporary taste paralysis.”

Read on and listen to a small selection of Harry’s musically mismatched seasonal baggage here


River Soundtrack out now

  • 18.11.2015

The soundtrack to BBC One’s River is out now (many thanks to Silva Screen Records)

So, if you fancy reliving a little of the emotional drama or just want to make up your own story as this chap did, it’s available in all the usual places.

“Now this is exciting. I want to watch it now, the whole thing. The music is powerful and it makes me feel powerful. I am grateful for this music, as I honestly hadn’t expect it to have such power over me. It’s strange, but all kinds of wonderful when that happens because it doesn’t happen too often. There’s a sadness to this music which I can connect with somehow. It’s inspiring and quite beautiful. Now give it a try and see what kind of story it creates for you.”

Jorn Tillness – Soundtrack Geek Read full review 


Now showing on BBC1 – River, starring Stellan Skarsgard

  • 30.09.2015

Everyone’s favourite rumpled Swede, Stellan Skarsgard brings his big-screen charisma to a new police drama penned by Emmy Award winner Abi Morgan.

Harry says:  “The care and attention to detail which the writer, producers and directors lavished on this show was both inspiring and intimidating. I knew I had to give it my all, which I did, and I am hugely proud to have been a part of it.”

Harry’s score for River is released on Silva Screen Records Friday 13th November.

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The Face of An Angel Soundtrack

  • 18.03.2015

The soundtrack to The Face Of An Angel is being released by Silva Screen Records next Monday, 23rd March. For those who like something physical, it is being released on CD and is available for preorder on Amazon, as well as being available to download. Here’s an interview with Michael Beek about the score:

Tout, Tout de Suite

Tout, Tout de Suite is Completed

Tout, Tout de Suite, a remarkable film by the acclaimed actor and director, Richard Berry, has, at long last, been completed. The film is an unflinching account of the kidnapping and torture of Ilan Halimi by the “gang des barbares” in 2006. More details about the premiere and release dates to follow shortly.

 A short excerpt from the score can be found below.


The Face of an Angel at LFF

  • 10.09.2014

The Face of An Angel  is coming to London as part of this year’s BFI London Film Festival.

It will screen over the final weekend (18th & 19th October). To read more about this latest offering from acclaimed director, Michael Winterbottom click here

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Tomas & Melanie

The Face of an Angel at TIFF

  • 20.08.2014

The Face of An Angel, the latest offering from acclaimed director Michael Winterbottom is going to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this year as part of their “Masters” programme.

Inspired by the killing of British student Meredith Kercher in Italy, The Face of An Angel looks beyond the salacious headlines to explore both the media and the public’s obsession with violent stories, whether fictional or real. Thomas Lang (Daniel Bruhl) is a film director who is offered the chance to adapt a book by American journalist Simone Ford (Kate Beckinsale), which recounts the controversial trial of American student Jessica Fuller for the murder of her flatmate Elizabeth Pryce. To help with his research, Simone takes Thomas to Siena, where he is disturbed by the media frenzy that has developed around the case.

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