• Year 2017
  • Director Alvaro Delgado Aparicio
  • Producers Enid Campos, Alvaro Delgado Aparicio,
  • Cast Magaly Solier, Amiel Cayo, Junior Bejar
  • Music Recorded at Air Lyndhurst Studios, London and Urchin Studios, London
  • Music Mixed at Air Lyndhurst Studios, London
  • Recording and Mix Engineer Tom Bailey
  • Assistant Recording Engineer Alex Fergeson
  • Assistant Mix Engineer Laurence Anslow
  • Technical Score Assistant Jack Wensley
  • Musicians:
  • Charangos Roger Goula, Camilo Menjura
  • Violin and Viola Max Baillie
  • Cello Harry Escott
  • Guitars Ted Barnes
  • Organ William Whitehead
  • Quena Camilo Menjura



  • As lovingly assembled as its titular hand-crafted altars, and as strikingly detailed as its stunning Peruvian Andes backdrop, Retablo understands a crucial coming-of-age truth: that young hearts and minds can only learn, grow and mature in response to the world around them.

    Sarah Ward ScreenDaily
  • Retablo comes as close to a masterpiece as a first film of a young director can be.

    Shomingeki Mooov
  • Under the shock of death, mother-daughter relationships rekindle the life force. “The film reminds us with humour and in an unexpected way that death is an integral part of life”

    Signis Molodist Film Festival
  • Director Alvaro L. Aparicio sculpts a world for Segundo every bit as delicate as his father’s figurines. He’s a sensitive, confused boy tiptoeing toward manhood in a village plagued by restrictive mores and dire punishments for those who do not conform

    Moira Macdonald Seattle Times
  • Retablo offers a rare glimpse into the panoramic beauty of the Indigenous highlands of Peru, in which its key cultural tradition serves as the turning point for one father and son’s relationship.

    David Vella Inside Out



  • Berlin International Film Festival 2018

    Best Feature Film

  • Melbourne International Film Festival 2018

    Best Narrative Feature

  • Frameline San Francisco Film Festival 2018

    Best First Feature Film

  • Toronto Inside Out Film Festival 2018

    Best First Feature Film

  • Molodist International Film Festival 2018

    Best International Feature

  • Mooov film festival 2018

    Best International Feature

  • Lima Latin American Film Festival 2017

    Best Peruvian Feature Film